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A few months back, I was asked to write a couple of ‘long copy stories’ for a client to use as image content on their Facebook page. The colleagues who requested them were keen to test out how copy-heavy images performed versus the usual design-led content. Read the rest of this entry »


Once every so often, an advert with a definite undercurrent of filth pops up on our screens or billboards. And every time this happens, a part of me wonders – did the client sign the concept off in the knowledge that it might be misinterpreted, or did they innocently miss the smutty connotations within?

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The Condescending Corporate Brand Page on Facebook has given us all the chance to chuckle at ourselves self-depreciatively in recent weeks. And while not every post appearing on there is necessarily ‘condescending’, the page has undoubtedly shone a light on an issue that’s seriously troubling the industry – why on earth do so many brands continue to talk to their Facebook fans and Twitter followers as if they’re a bunch of illiterate eight year olds? Read the rest of this entry »

London’s hosting of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games caused an inevitable deluge of sport-related advertising – whether the brands in question were ‘Official Partners of the Games’ or not. Amidst the monsoon of press ads, all featuring desaturated shots of sportspeople looking a bit too serious, I noticed something: almost all of these sport-focused brands’ expensive creations signed off with nothing more than a hashtag as a call to action. Read the rest of this entry »